Jeff has formed, worked in, and managed several businesses over the
years including, Automotive Engineering, Plumbing, Patio Sales and
Construction, Building and Property Maintenance management.

He has a versatile portfolio and a vast business network he is well-reputed in. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Jeff’s love of music led him to familiarise himself with the guitar at
the age of 9, whilst living with his parents in Penang/Malaysia. Jeff’s parents hired a local music teacher who mentored Jeff through the years he spent abroad.

After returning to Australia, Jeff continued to follow his passion until moving to Brisbane in the early ’90s and sprouting new roots.

He started performing in bands, serenading the crowds with the skills he had amassed through years of experience—which keep increasing to this day.

Jeff has performed in several bands, such as Trio’s Duo’s and Solo
situations. He currently performs in a Duo based on the Redland’s Coast Brisbane.

Once again, a man with a versatile portfolio, Jeff’s musical influences
range from 60’s pop/rock genre through to current. Some bands and performers include Doobie Brothers, Styx, Steely Dan, The Eagles, Gerry Rafferty, Boz Scaggs, Foreigner, Supertramp, Steve Miller Band, Pink Floyd to name just a few.

Constantly on-the-go and ever enthusiastic about the possibilities, Jeff
is currently writing and recording original songs in between working and performing.

How did you get your first singing gig?

I had done very little vocal work in the early years, whist overseas as a young boy, I would play and sing at parties, functions for friends and family.
It was only when I moved to Brisbane in my later years I joined/formed a band called ‘Pacifica’ in the mid to late 90’s which at one point featured the one and only ‘Julie (JuJu) Minto’ on lead vocals.
Julie later left the band to pursue her own musical path which left us without a singer. The remaining members chose to continue and set out to find another lead vocalist, this was challenging so I agreed to fill in until we found someone.
The band met for rehearsals one afternoon and claimed they had found a singer, when i asked who? they exclaimed….You! I guess the rest is history.